Logo Neophyte Records

Neophyte Records is an internationally renowned record label founded in 1999 by Hardcore pioneer DJ Neophyte. Throughout the years, Neophyte Records has established itself as one of the leading forces in the Hardcore scene. With an incredible crew of hugely talented producers, an exceptional history of successful tours, and a strong music catalogue boasting countless EP’s, artist albums and compilations, the label has been growing exponentially since day one.

Our goal is to showcase Hardcore in peak form, with excellent quality and a healthy dose of creativity being our two main targets for every release. We welcome veteran producers who are willing to share their music through our platform, while also inspiring young blood to improve themselves and show what they have in store to the world. With 20+ years in the scene and more than 200 releases so far, Neophyte Records is never done expanding as we continuously keep flowing with the ways of the Hardcore scene, banking on new opportunities wherever they may appear.